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LISA Windsurfing

Harnesslines 2.0 IQ Foil

Harnesslines 2.0 IQ Foil

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Harness ends thoroughly revised by LISA to meet the needs of IQ foil racing.

The LISA concept eliminates all textiles, seams and velcro to provide maximum reliability and rigidity. Your harness ends are more stable for a huge gain in performance when exiting a jibe, and they will not let you down during a round. The dyneema toe absorbs 100% of the mechanical forces and transmits energy more directly than ever.

All elements are interchangeable so that your pair of shoes will serve you for a long time.

The IQ foil version is designed to provide maximum shock downwind. The tip is larger in diameter to make it easier to hold and adjust the length of the harness line during the sleeve, and 100% Dyneema fiber for maximum resistance and minimum friction. The cleat is made of nylon to offer the lightest ends on the market for increased comfort and performance when sailing and during pumping phases.

6mm tip 100% Dyneema - 7 grams nylon cleat

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